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Treat Arthritis Naturally EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique Demonstration. EFT is considered a type of energy therapy. EFT has remarkable success for relieving physical and emotional distress.


Massage Janesville

This is Dawn Richardson and if you’re looking for a professional licensed massage therapist, you’ve come to the right place. Dawn resides in the Janesville area her whole life and is dedicated to putting her energy and experience as a licensed massage therapist to work for you. Dawn is experienced in several modalities, which she uses to customize each clients individual treatment plan, so they receive the best possible results. Dawn invites you to indulge yourself in a relaxation or therapeutic chair or table massage TODAY! She is looking forward to the prospect of working with you and complementing your overall health and well-being, simply give her a call or send her an email to set up your appointment.

Option Bot 2.0

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Best Weight Loss

This video is for anybody that is struggling to stay motivated in their weight loss journey. Staying motivated in your weight loss journey can be a little challenging. During the first week, you feel inspire and motivated to embark this healthy life style change. You are full of hope. You go out and buy healthy foods. You even sign up for gym membership. You tell everybody that you are on weight loss program/ journey. You feel unstoppable. By week two, you slowly start to lose your memento to work out and eat right. By week three you are ready to QUIT. I am here to encourage you to keep fighting for your dream body. There are ways to get back your motivation and reach your weight loss goals.